Blog Archive for November 2021

The education field has paid much attention to the need to diversify the teacher workforce. But what about education leadership? Students seeing themselves represented in their principals and superintendents has a direct impact on their experiences with the school system and their future aspirations. So how are Massachusetts districts doing when it comes to gender and racial equity in education leadership? To answer this question we teamed up with the Women’s Power Gap Initiative of the Eos Foundation for a multi-year research project zeroing in on disparities in K-12 leadership. What resulted was our latest report, The Power Gap in Massachusetts K-12 Education.
Simone Ngongi-Lukula, Andrew Pablo, and Emily 蘇妮 Thoman are our first Future Education Leaders Network (FELN) research fellows! With support from Rennie Center staff, they are conducting research regarding pathways to careers in education. This process involves reviewing relevant literature, identifying factors that draw people of color to work in the education sector (and push them away from that sector), and providing policy recommendations for recruiting, hiring, and retaining BIPOC professionals.