Teacher license waiver for SPED positions

Teacher license waivers issued for special education positions

Definition: Percent of all license waivers issued to teachers for special education positions in public schools. For all open educator positions, a school district must demonstrate a good faith effort to hire a licensed educator. If a district experiences a great hardship in securing a qualified candidate, a superintendent may apply for a waiver from the Commissioner. The first waiver exempts the district for one school year from the requirement to employ licensed personnel for an open position. For subsequent waivers, the district must document the educator is making progress toward meeting the requirements for licensure in the field in which they are employed.

This indicator is included in the Prepared & Effective Educators section of the Condition of Education in the Commonwealth Data Report. This includes strong preparation and appropriate credentials for school leaders and teachers, including those educating our youngest learners and special needs students. Educators must demonstrate significant content knowledge and engage in evaluation processes that allow for continuous improvement in their craft.

Source: Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education: data provided by staff

*While comparing indicators, please keep in mind that different data sources use different definitions of student subgroups.