Systemic Student Support (S3) Academy

*Now accepting applications for the 2022-23 school year*


We believe every child can succeed through the celebration of their whole selves. And we believe schools have the ability to nurture each student's strengths and support their unique needs. After a traumatic and isolating few years, a preventative and strengths-based approach to supporting students is more important than ever. But how can schools and educators, who are already stretched so thin, make sure every child is receiving the personalized support they need? The Systemic Student Support (S3) Academy is here to help.

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the Rennie Center, and Boston College's Center for Thriving Children are partnering with schools to reimagine student support. Participants in S3 Academy will:

     -  Examine and fortify student support processes, building upon existing structures to review student data, discuss strengths and needs for all students, and connect them with resources. 

     -  Create an individual plan for each student’s success based upon a holistic review of their strengths and needs.

     -  Place equity at the center of student support practices, ensuring teams make student support decisions that affirm each child’s cultural and linguistic identity. 

     -  Organize resources, interventions, and enrichments in order to connect students to the support they need at the time they need it. 

Your Team and Commitment: 

The S3 Academy is designed to support school- based teams. Members of your school that should be involved:

     -  A school administrator or designee with decision- making authority

     -  A student support-related staff member (e.g. school counselor, social worker, adjustment counselor etc.) Teacher(s) to pilot the work

     -  District-level administrator to support decision- making

     -  Other stakeholders at various points (e.g., students, families, partners, etc.)

By joining the Academy you will commit to in the first year:

     -  Up to five, 60-90 minute network sessions

     -  Up to ten individual technical assistance sessions

This three-year program is designed to support school-based teams. All Massachusetts schools and districts are invited to participate. Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis.