Curriculum Ratings by Teachers (CURATE)

The Rennie Center is partnering with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to convene panels of Massachusetts educators to review evidence on implementing curricular materials and curricular alignment to Massachusetts learning standards. Their work will lead to a series of user-friendly reports that provide guidance to schools and districts as they select high-quality core curricular materials.

We are helping to guide educators through a systematic review of existing evidence over the course of the 2019-2020 school year. Participants receive 9 hours of professional development on the CURATE rubrics and curriculum review process and then meet 4-6 times as a panel to collaboratively review research and evidence on core curricular materials.

By engaging in the CURATE process, teachers gain deep insight into the quality and alignment of a variety of curricular materials. This is a highly selective leadership opportunity that provides Massachusetts teachers with an opportunity to expand their influence without leaving the classroom and to play a leading role in upholding quality curriculum. Educators interested in participating in CURATE should reach out to Senior Associate Annelise Eaton at

For more information visit the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s website.