Future Education Leaders Network

This fall and winter, the Rennie Center is continuing and expanding upon the work of this past summer’s Future Education Leaders Network. This network will continue to empower young professionals, particularly young professionals of color, to step into their power, take action, build social capital, analyze policy, and make connections in order to create space for marginalized voices to lead within the predominantly white and male-led education space. Our aims are to help construct a pipeline for young people to become education leaders across the state and to cultivate a community that pushes our thinking and actions towards positive, effective change.

The network will host a series of biweekly virtual sessions featuring informal connection opportunities, collective education, career development, pathways to action and leadership, and more. We will also host some informal Community Building sessions between meetings.

This opportunity is open to all young people in entry-level, temporary, and part-time staff positions in Massachusetts education and policy, or young people aspiring to work in or wanting to learn more about the field. The network will be intersectional and policy-based with an education focal point, and interested parties do not need to exclusively belong to the education field to participate. These meetings are slated to take place on Zoom on Thursday afternoons from 4:00 to 5:00 every other week from October 29th through March 18th. This opportunity is free for all participants. For more information and updates, you can also visit and follow our Instagram account.

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