Standing Together

Words cannot express the anguish we feel over the senseless killing of George Floyd and countless other acts of violence against communities of color, particularly Black men, around our country.

We stand in solidarity with those crying out in pain, anger, and grief over this horrific loss of life—and the deep, systemic racism that created the conditions for this injustice to occur.

At the Rennie Center, we also stand side by side with those working to advance equity in all sectors. The insidious effects of racism and oppression have shaped the society—including the education system—that we face today. We cannot discuss student outcomes or opportunities without grappling with the reality of an inequitable system, grounded in a culture that privileges whiteness. As we seek to advance a vision of education where all young people are valued, respected, and prepared to thrive, equity is not only central to our work—equity IS our work.

An unjust system that has been constructed over centuries will not be torn down in a month, a year, or even a lifetime. But amid our heartache, we take renewed strength from the cries for justice we hear today from all corners of the land. And we echo these calls, adding our voice to the larger chorus clamoring for an end to racism and oppression.

Together, through our words and actions, we can build a brighter future.