Introducing the EdImpact Research Consortium

As Massachusetts students, teachers, administrators, and families face yet another year filled with uncertainty from the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government is making an unprecedented $2.9 billion investment in the recovery and redesign of our schools. Communities across the Commonwealth want to know how these funds are being spent, and educators and district leaders want to ensure they support improvement efforts that are sustainable. If spending is aligned with evidence-based strategies to drive equitable access and opportunity for all students, this unprecedented federal investment has the potential to dramatically accelerate learning, catalyze innovation, and support students' holistic growth and development. But how will we know if it makes an impact? 

To find out, we are teaming up with the CERES Institute for Children & Youth at Boston University Wheelock College and Education Resource Strategies (ERS) to launch the EdImpact Research Consortium.

This new initiative is designed to support evidence-based spending, analyze the impact of COVID recovery funds, and provide a platform for the field to learn from one another and reflect on progress made. Oftentimes, research organizations operate in silos, conducting analyses and producing resources that potentially duplicate each other’s efforts. Through this partnership, the consortium will offer a one-stop shop of supports for educators, students, and families; research on the most pressing issues of the day; and events for stakeholders across the Commonwealth to analyze and demystify COVID recovery fund expenditures.

Stay tuned for the launch of EdImpact’s website for more, including a resource toolbox and new research from the Rennie Center, CERES, and ERS!