A Family Guide to Remote Learning

Is your child engaged in remote or hybrid learning this fall? Do you have questions about what virtual learning should look like and where to focus your time and energy? We know this is a challenging time for parents and caregivers. Managing the school day from home is a new experience for everyone, one that can seem overwhelming. It can be tempting to worry about every aspect of your child's learning, but our research finds that focusing on a few key areas can help clarify what's most important and ensure your child's learning experience is meaningful.

We've put together a checklist you can use to communicate with your school about important aspects of your child's learning and development. The checklist focuses on three key areas: developing strong relationships, providing effective instruction, and making sure students have access to technology and are able to use it. Remember, remote learning is new for teachers and schools, too, and you may not be able to check off all the items on this list right away. We hope you can use this tool to work with educators to create the best learning environment for your child.

This checklist is a free tool for parents and is available in English and Spanish.

View and download full checklist:

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