Building the Next Generation of Latino Leaders

June 2019

Boston’s Latino population is growing quickly, climbing nearly 44 percent in recent years. Latinos now make up 19 percent of Boston’s population and 42 percent of students in Boston Public Schools—the largest demographic in the district. But Latino youth have few role models within their schools or the city who share their cultural background: only 11 percent of Boston’s teachers and guidance counselors are Latino and only 10.5 percent of executive positions in the City of Boston are held by Latinos. Meanwhile, Latino youth continue to face persistent discrimination, with close to 83 percent naming discrimination as a personal problem. Community-based cultural organizations like Sociedad Latina play an important role in supporting these students and helping them develop their resilience, self-confidence, and the skills to advocate for themselves and their communities. In honor of Sociedad Latina’s 50th Anniversary, we teamed up with the organization to put together a research brief that looks at how they support positive development for Boston’s Latino youth.

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