Bridging the Gap: How Wentworth provides a personalized & local approach to college and career readiness

August 2020

The transition from high school to college is challenging under normal circumstances. But this year—with students ending high school remotely and potentially starting college virtually—this transition may seem nearly impossible for too many students. Young people will need to navigate complex systems of registration, enrollment, and financial aid with limited or no access to on-campus resources. Their transition from the structure of high school to the independence of college will be even more complicated than usual as they confront the potential for remote classes and social distancing.
Our latest research looks at how Wentworth Institute of Technology is addressing these challenges through their summer bridge program. RAMP, which has been running since 2011, has welcomed a new group of students amid the pandemic. The program gives students a taste of college life before they start the school year, helping clarify expectations and build confidence. RAMP engages Boston youth in technical training, creative thinking, and career-focused pathways. Open to all Boston residents, it provides an innovative and localized approach to project-based learning, community partnerships, and mentoring, all while offering hourly compensation to participants.
As other institutions look to address the obstacles facing students in the COVID era, Wentworth's program serves as a powerful example of how to bridge the gap between high school and college. Read our research brief to learn more about the core components of effective summer bridge programs and how RAMP offers an exemplar of this model for supporting students.


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