2019 Condition of Education in the Commonwealth

January 2019

2019 Data Dashboard

This tool provides an in-depth look at school performance indicators highlighted in our Condition of Education in the Commonwealth report. Users can delve deeper by looking at different student groups and progress over time. This data is collected from the MA Department of Early Education and Care; MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education; MA Department of Higher Education; US Census Bureau; and US Department of Education.

Data Dashboard


2019 Action Guide
Student Voice: How Young People Can Shape the Future of Education

This year’s report comes at an auspicious moment, as young people react to the current social and political environment with increasing public activism. Evidence indicates that today’s youth are part of an unusually energized, politically engaged generation. Especially in the aftermath of the devastating school shooting in Parkland, student leaders have channeled their outrage and disillusionment into action. 

Source: Circle

Young people today have more ways to share their voice than ever before. Social media offers a potent tool for broadcasting messages and organizing collective action, culminating in mass movements. Yet when it comes to their education, students often have limited opportunities to share their opinions and experiences, even though students are, in many ways, the most informed when it comes to how the education system is functioning. This year’s Action Guide reexamines the current way of doing business, looking at how we can incorporate student voice into decision-making to help all learners construct a pathway to success in college, careers, and life.

Action Guide

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