Back at School: An Educator Forum on Learning in 2020

Are you a teacher, school staff member, district administrator, or community organization staff member? We want to hear from you! Join us for a virtual forum on October 22 to discuss how your classroom, school, district, or community is addressing this year's unique learning challenges. Whether your students are learning remotely, in-person, or a mix of both, we are hoping to hear what strategies are working well so far and what obstacles you've encountered. 

This is a chance to share your success stories, lessons learned, and continued challenges with members of the Massachusetts legislature. Representative Alice Peisch and Senator Jason Lewis, the Co-Chairs of the Joint Committee on Education, will join us for the virtual forum and your thoughts will also be used to create a memo that we will share with policymakers.

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Co-Chair, Joint Committee on Education, Massachusetts Legislature

Co-Chair, Joint Committee on Education, Massachusetts Legislature