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Join us for a webinar on November 16 to learn some strategies your school or district could use to weave social-emotional learning into every classroom and every lesson. We'll walk you through our resource-filled action guide, which is based on lessons learned from our years working with a network of districts implementing SEL in schools. You'll also hear from experts on recommendations for fostering student voice through SEL and why supporting student agency is critical during this difficult time.
Join us on November 9 for the release of never-before-seen data on the stark racial and gender gaps in Massachusetts K-12 leadership. We'll discuss the barriers to the superintendency and what K-12 leaders, school committee members, and policymakers can do about it.

COVID-19 has drastically reshaped the way our students learn and exacerbated the inequities that already plagued our schools and society. Our education system is at a crossroads. The conversation about where our system is and where it’s headed is more important than ever.

Please join us for a webinar to discuss the state of education in Western Massachusetts in 2020. We’ll discuss how the regional business community can help address students’ learning and opportunity loss and social-emotional wellbeing through community mentoring and leadership.
Are you a teacher, school staff member, district administrator, or community organization staff member? We want to hear from you! Join us for a virtual forum on October 22 to discuss how your classroom, school, district, or community is addressing this year's unique learning challenges.
Several districts have already announced plans for full or partial remote learning this fall, and more are likely to follow. Please join us for a webinar to help schools get ready for some degree of remote learning during the upcoming school year. The webinar builds off our Back-to-School Blueprint action guide that looks at lessons learned from the first round of remote learning in the spring and shares resources to help prepare students, families, and educators for success this fall. You'll hear from experts and practitioners on three key areas essential to effective and equitable remote learning: relationships, instructional practices, and technology.
Watch our webinar to learn more about how schools and community organizations can support students during this difficult time. You'll hear from Lydia Martinez-Alvarez on how Springfield Public Schools is connecting families with essential resources—like food, housing, and physical and behavioral health support—as well as summer enrichment opportunities to help address lost learning experiences due to COVID-19. You'll also hear from Emmanuel Allen of Boston Public Schools and Jennifer Clammer of the Roca Impact Institute on reengaging students who have become disconnected from school during the pandemic. You'll also learn about the actionable strategies schools can use to help students return to school ready to learn and thrive detailed in our Back-to-School Blueprint Action Guides.
When school doors eventually reopen after COVID-19, things won't be the same. Many students will bring with them the effects of trauma. And school itself may look different, with students and teachers likely practicing some sort of social distancing measures. Check out this webinar to learn about how educators, schools, and community partners can prepare to support students when schools reopen. You will hear about actionable strategies schools can take right away to help students heal from trauma and create a positive, welcoming environment for all members of the school.
If you're interested in applying to this 10-month professional development program, please join us for a virtual meeting to learn more. You’ll hear from program alumni about their experiences and have the chance to ask any questions about the EPFP fellowship and application process.