Condition of Education Week 2022

Our Condition of Education in the Commonwealth series is an annual look at where our education system is and where it’s headed. This year, as students and educators continue to cope with living and learning amid a pandemic, we'll be releasing a week's worth of tools, resources, new data, and conversations in addition to a virtual event on January 26, all in the hopes of shining a light on what school communities need in this challenging time and in the years to come.  Here is a preview of what you can expect during the last week of January:


January 24: Community Conversation

This year our Action Guide looks at how the education system can support teachers in navigating the current crisis, adapting to the changing times, and providing culturally responsive, innovative, and engaging learning experiences. So before we release our report, we want you to hear from organizations and school districts doing innovative work to support educators. We'll kick off our COE Week with the release of a recorded conversation featuring educators and community leaders highlighted in our report.

January 25: Data Dashboard

This year's dashboard examines how schools are functioning during the pandemic, delving into a range of state data from school internet speeds to K-12 and college enrollment and graduation rates to student absenteeism. The dashboard will also look at the impacts of key indicators like educator diversity, out-of-school suspension rates, and student homelessness.

January 26: State of the State of Education

9:00 AM 
Join us for a virtual conversation on the future of our education system. This includes a panel discussion with all three state education commissioners—Early Education and Care Commissioner Samantha Aigner-Treworgy, Elementary and Secondary Education Commissioner Jeffrey C. Riley, and Higher Education Commissioner Carlos Santiago.  You'll also hear from Massachusetts Secretary of Education James Peyser on the state of learning in this unprecedented time.



January 26: Action Guide

Over the past two years expectations of teachers have grown exponentially. As students face the instability and trauma of life in a pandemic, educators have become even more critical in supporting and facilitating students’ mental health and social-emotional development. Our system needs to find ways to support educators through current and future challenges. Our action guide provides recommendations for how we can support teachers in enacting innovative, culturally responsive, and trauma-sensitive practices.

January 27: Tools and Resources

After we've shared our newest Condition of Education Action Guide we'll share a curated selection of research-based resources and tools that schools and communities can use to help support educators now and for years to come.


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