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Executive Director

Dr. Chad d’Entremont is the Executive Director of the Rennie Center for Education Research & Policy. He is responsible for shepherding the organization’s mission to improve public education through deep knowledge and evidence of effective policymaking and practice. He has published numerous articles, book chapters, and reports on education improvement strategies ranging from early childhood education to early college designs and launched multiple, community-based initiatives to support the implementation of evidence-based practices. In 2012, Dr. d’Entremont helped found the Massachusetts Education Partnership, a coalition of labor and management leaders committed to sustainable school improvement. Success and lessons learned were captured in his book Improving Education Together: A Guide to Labor-Management-Community Collaboration. Dr. d’Entremont has supported over 100 school districts to drive improvements through network-based initiatives, including the Excellence in Social-Emotional Learning (exSEL) Network and the Massachusetts Institute for College and Career Readiness. He is a former 8th grade global studies teacher and holds a Ph.D. in Education Policy and Social Analysis from Teachers College, Columbia University.