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Alejandra Zeiger joins the Rennie Center as an Associate committed to using translational research as a means of institutional transformation for student success. Her background and academic and work experiences incite this passion for educational equity. 

Alejandra’s research projects in applied social sciences while pursuing a degree in psychology and a minor in anthropology at the University of California provide her a unique lens through which she approaches her work. During her undergraduate studies she was also a student-teacher for English language learners and a summer bridge program instructor and leader. 

Soon after graduation, Alejandra completed a program in qualitative research methods at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences, which provided her with new tools for data analysis. Her passion for research and education was then realized during her time at PERTS research institute at Stanford University, where she supported the development and implementation of data-driven professional learning programs to improve student learning, engagement, and agency.

Prior to joining the Rennie Center, Alejandra received a Master’s degree in Human Development and Higher Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. During her time at Harvard, she also worked at the AERID Lab, where she contributed to qualitative research projects centered on ethnic-racial identity in relation to positive developmental outcomes in youth in the US and Latin America.