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Chau Ngo joins the Rennie Center as an Associate committed to using research and data to work toward a more equitable education system that serves all students.

Chau started her professional career as an educator in NH, MA, and Vietnam on a Fulbright grant. In 2019, Chau served as the Program Director of Breakthrough, a college-readiness program for historically underrepresented students. Her work focused on addressing inequities and access in education and equipping students with the tools to succeed in and beyond academic settings. Prior to joining the Rennie Center, Chau received a Master’s degree from Harvard’s School of Education where she deepened her understanding of education policy, program management and development, and strategic planning and partnerships. During her academic career, she worked with the AERID Lab at Harvard to conduct multi-modal research on adolescent identity development.

At the Rennie Center, she is eager to leverage data and research as a tool to strive for equitable and inclusive research, practices, and policies.