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Worcester Public Schools Moving Forward With Strategic Plan for Education

John Monfredo

The Strategic Plan for education, two years in the making and twenty-five years since the last plan, was unveiled by the two organizations involved in its implementation. The final version of the plan must be approved by the School Committee when they receive the final report in June.  This is a major step for the city for education is the economic engine that moves our city forward and a strong school system supported by the community is what makes for a vibrant city.

Looking to Buy in a Good School District? Going Beyond the Rankings

Jon Gorey
The Boston Globe

At least a quarter of all home buyers say the quality of a local school system is an important factor in choosing a place to live. But while everyone wants to do right by their kids and give them the opportunity to get a good education, we can’t all afford to live in Lexington. Or Dover. Or Concord. Or Weston. Or Newton. Or . . . well, you get the point. The top-ranked school districts are invariably the most expensive. That leaves many middle-class parents in a fretful bind as they search for a school district that will nurture their children without stretching the family finances to the breaking point. 

Report shows that state needs improvement in school readiness for children

Elisha Machado

Sixty-six percent of children up to the age of five are enrolled in quality early education programs, according to the Rennie Center for Education Research and Policy. According to their report some of the major education challenges the state is facing include, a workforce skills gap and a lack of school readiness for children. Currently, only half of the children in the City of Springfield participate in a formal school experience before the start of kindergarten.

Early Education Funding Among Targets For State

Mike Deehan

Spending additional tax revenue may not be the solution to the state's educational achievement gap, according to researchers taking a fresh look at Massachusetts' education system. Instead, a recent report from the Rennie Center think tank suggests the state needs to be better at encouraging successful programs to flourish instead of simply feeding money into the existing school funding system.

Achievement gap holds Mass. back, says former US education secretary

Michael Jonas
CommonWealth Magazine

Massachusetts has made huge strides in educational achievement, but needs to redouble efforts to close the achievement gap. That was the message delivered on Thursday morning by former US education secretary John King to an education gathering in Boston.

Education leaders say achievement gap must be addressed

Chris Lisinski
Sentinel & Enterprise

Massachusetts may have some of the strongest public-education systems in the country, but leaders must focus their attention on closing substantial gaps remaining between different socioeconomic groups, experts said at a Thursday conference.

Keverian School Literacy Program Highlighted at State House Event

Brenda Clogston
Advocate News

Legislators and educators are reading into the Keverian School’s success with a literacy program, after the school’s successful implementation of the model was made the central case study in a presentation about the model at the State House on Tuesday.

Spilka Hosts Forum on Cutting-Edge Educational Concept

Alison Bosma
MetroWest Daily News

A MetroWest legislator is bringing awareness to a school-taught set of skills beyond reading, writing, and ’rithmetic. Social and emotional learning will be the focus of a forum Tuesday night hosted by Spilka. The evening will feature speakers from the Rennie Center for Education Research and Policy, and an update from the Excellence through Social-Emotional Learning Network.

Fitchburg Schools Join Social-Emotional Ed Initiative

Elizabeth Dobbins
Sentinel & Enterprise

As the needs of students grow and change, the school district is working to learn how to best help students beyond academics through a collaboration with others districts around the state. The city's school district is among nine throughout the state selected to join Excellence through Social Emotional Learning, a network of schools working on strategies to tackle issues like substance abuse, trauma, anxiety, depression and bullying.

Schools Bring New Focus to Social-Emotional Learning

Gerry Tuoti
The Patriot Ledger

Nine MA school districts are partnering in a new program to help children build the social and emotional base they need to develop skills such as perseverance, empathy, self-awareness and healthy decision-making.

Press Releases


Nine Massachusetts school districts are joining forces to tackle issues like substance abuse, trauma, anxiety, depression, and bullying by addressing students’ social and emotional needs. Districts in the Excellence through Social-Emotional Learning (exSEL) Network will design new initiatives to help students develop skills like grit, persistence, empathy, and healthy decision-making.
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Education Secretary James Peyser, State Senator Eric Lesser, and the education and business communities to gather in Holyoke on May 10.
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The Rennie Center for Education Research & Policy released its annual status report to an audience of nearly 300 state education leaders, legislators, and educators this morning. The Condition of Education in the Commonwealth report gives state leaders a clear view of student progress in Massachusetts while pointing to areas in need of continued improvement. 
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The Rennie Center for Education Research & Policy invites journalists to the release of the Condition of Education in the Commonwealth report. This annual status report looks at 25 statelevel indicators of school performance to illuminate areas of success and areas for continued improvement across the education pipeline.

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