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Senior Associate

Sinead joined the Rennie Center with a background in Sociology. Sinead received her M.A. in Sociology from Boston College and her B.A. in Sociology from Stonehill College. During her graduate studies, Sinead structured her applied master’s degree around the sociology of education. Her areas of study included, but were not limited to: the role of public policy in regulating elementary and secondary education, the evaluation of school readiness programs, the analysis of national educational law and policy, and the examination of issues of access and opportunity within education. Throughout the duration of her two year program Sinead had the opportunity to assist in several academic departments at Boston College in addition to working as a Research Assistant in the Executive Education department with the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship. With this combination of academic studies and professional experience, Sinead acknowledges and hopes to support the intersection of research and practice to improve the experiences of educators and students in Massachusetts.  Sinead manages the Condition of the Education in the Commonwealth project, which consists of a Data Report that provides an evidence-based annual review of student progress by bringing together a wide-ranging set of data indicators and an Action Guide that illuminates areas of success and areas for continued improvement across the education pipeline.