Win-Win Labor-Management Collaboration in Education: Breakthrough Practices to Benefit Students, Teachers, and Administrators

Edited by the Rennie Center, written by Linda Kaboolian and Paul Sutherland, and published by Education Week Press, Win-Win Labor-Management Collaboration in Education is a handbook for union leaders, teachers and managers offering innovative best practices on how to reform the collective bargaining process for the benefit of students. Covering topics like "pay for performance" and "school intervention processes", this book provides a unique national review of path-breaking collective-bargaining agreements and illustrates how districts and unions are putting their shared interests in students and learning at the forefront of their work together. Strides made by districts throughout the nation are highlighted, as well as best practices implemented in major urban regions. Research for the book was made possible by the Barr Foundation and the Jessie B. Cox Charitable Trust, as well as through generous support from the Noyce Foundation and the Nellie Mae Education Foundation.